Getwine flatters us with plagiarism

Our deals are so good that Getwine, a competitor, is copying us blatantly. Down to the product image we created, the text we wrote, our Buy-button and even our corporate colours!

While we view this shameless copy and paste exercise as unethical business conduct (people have been fired for plagiarism), we do feel pleased. As the saying goes, “Imitation is the best form of flattery“. Getwine is confirming what our customers know: you’d better be on Cybercellar’s mailing list if you want to be first to hear about great wine deals!

We offered Journey’s End The Pastor’s Blend in our newsletter of 29 August 2012 at 40% discount. Two weeks later, the exact same offer was made in Getwine’s newsletter. Nothing wrong with that: it’s a great offer and we’d be surprised if our competitors didn’t follow us. Cybercellar is often first with special offers on wine or exclusive releases. Just last week, we were the first retailer to sell the 2011 vintage of the iconic Chocolate Block. It is not uncommon for competitors to copy our offers and initiatives. We are used to being copied. After all, Cybercellar was the first online wine shop in South Africa, back in 1998.

However, Getwine took it further this time. They used exactly the same headline and opening sentence, and lifted two images we created – the product shot and our characteristic green Buy-button. The strangest thing is that they even used our corporate colours, which don’t match their own official colour scheme.

Have a look for yourself:

How Getwine plagiarised Cybercellar's newsletter

We find the blatant copying of our newsletter by Getwine flattering. They plagiarised our headline and first sentence, and copied our image and Buy-button. They even retained our corporate colours, which includes a purple not present in their scheme.

Hey Getwine, thanks for the compliment! (And you don’t want to miss next week’s newsletter…)

5 thoughts on “Getwine flatters us with plagiarism

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  2. In addition to copying the 40% discount on Journey’s
    End, they are having mathematical challenges! Their Pastors Blend was R59, now R42, which is only a 28.8% saving, not 40% as advertised. Their home page is advertising 70% off on a case of Edgebaston Sauv Blanc for R234, down from R390. Now THAT is 40%, not 70%!

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  4. Philip, thanks for your comment. We agree with your perspective. After all, we’re essentially giving a competitor a fair amount of publicity and we’re totally comfortable with that.

    On the point of domains – we did in fact start out as back in 1998, but Cybercellar now has a significant international presence so it was changed to reflect that. Our core market remains South Africa, but we are the only retailer to also distribute South African wine in Europe and USA.

  5. I think it is best for both of you. I dont buy online wine but having been exposed to this bit of news have started looking into it where previously would not be exposed to it.Must say a would go down better for me but hey that is just my opinion

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