Cybercellar Wine Sale at Oude Welgemoed Restaurant, the country’s oldest and most celebrated online wine retailer is hosting a 2 day WINE SALE at De Oude Welgemoed Restaurant and Bistro in the Nothern Suburbs of Cape Town on the 6th and 7th of September 2013.


You can look forward to tasting and buying some of SA’s favourite wines by some of the country’s top producers at up to 50% OFF regular retail. It’s the perfect opportunity to stock up on delicious, hand selected wines and the ideal occasion to impress a friend, colleague, boss or loved one with the gift of wine.

This two day event will be a fun, informal and memorable occasion that will reward the early birds. Lunch and dinner also available at the restaurant and Bistro. Don’t miss out -invite your friends and family and join us for this benchmark event!

Date and Time:

The event will start on Friday the 6th of September at 15:30 – 19:00, with another session on Saturday the 7th of September from 10:00 – 15:00.


De Oude Welgemoed Restaurant and Bistro is located just off Jip De Jager Avenue in the Northern Suburbs of Cape Town (right across the road from the Bellville/Welgemoed Gholfclub). Just behind the Hennie Bosman Karate Studio you’ll find the historic restaurant with rolling lawns and a beautiful view.

More Info:

More info on the brochure below, alternatively give us a call on 021 807 3185 or mail us at


Salewine (also) plagiarise our newsletter

Recently we exposed how our friends at Getwine blatantly copied part of our email newsletter. We weren’t surprised: we are often first with amazing deals and competitors find themselves playing catch-up. That’s why wine lovers subscribe to our email newsletter, to get the best wine offers first.

Truth is that competitors copy our great offers on a regular basis. We don’t write about every instance, but yesterday it was pointed out to us that SaleWine copied one of our recent offers, and also plagiarised one of our images in the process.

Our 26 August newsletter promoted a Michelangelo Mixed Case. The next day, SaleWine’s newsletter also promoted a Michelangelo Mixed Case. Coincidence perhaps, considering that only one of the wines matched our offer. However, they also blatantly copied part of our image as illustrated below. We created the wording, using that specific font, the positioning and the lines. They couldn’t have got it anywhere other than from our image. So their offer was a copy of our concept and they couldn’t even bother to make their own image.

How Salewine plagiarised Cybercellar

Interestingly, our offer was so popular that we bought all the available stock of The next batch is being bottled especially for us.

Get the pattern? If you want to be first to hear about offers so good that competitors are copying them almost weekly, be sure you are on our email newsletter list (form on our Facebook page). We hate spam as much as you do, so don’t worry about that.

For the record: Since exposing Getwine, they visited us at our office to apologise for their “error” and we all had a good chuckle. We appreciated that spirit and harbour no hard feelings.

Getwine flatters us with plagiarism

Our deals are so good that Getwine, a competitor, is copying us blatantly. Down to the product image we created, the text we wrote, our Buy-button and even our corporate colours!

While we view this shameless copy and paste exercise as unethical business conduct (people have been fired for plagiarism), we do feel pleased. As the saying goes, “Imitation is the best form of flattery“. Getwine is confirming what our customers know: you’d better be on Cybercellar’s mailing list if you want to be first to hear about great wine deals!

We offered Journey’s End The Pastor’s Blend in our newsletter of 29 August 2012 at 40% discount. Two weeks later, the exact same offer was made in Getwine’s newsletter. Nothing wrong with that: it’s a great offer and we’d be surprised if our competitors didn’t follow us. Cybercellar is often first with special offers on wine or exclusive releases. Just last week, we were the first retailer to sell the 2011 vintage of the iconic Chocolate Block. It is not uncommon for competitors to copy our offers and initiatives. We are used to being copied. After all, Cybercellar was the first online wine shop in South Africa, back in 1998.

However, Getwine took it further this time. They used exactly the same headline and opening sentence, and lifted two images we created – the product shot and our characteristic green Buy-button. The strangest thing is that they even used our corporate colours, which don’t match their own official colour scheme.

Have a look for yourself:

How Getwine plagiarised Cybercellar's newsletter

We find the blatant copying of our newsletter by Getwine flattering. They plagiarised our headline and first sentence, and copied our image and Buy-button. They even retained our corporate colours, which includes a purple not present in their scheme.

Hey Getwine, thanks for the compliment! (And you don’t want to miss next week’s newsletter…)